Molecular testing for COVID-19 in INVICTA – why is it worth it?

The global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic has lasted several months now, and so far more than a dozen million people worldwide have got ill. Laboratory tests play a key role in the diagnosis. Currently, the only method recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other important institutions are molecular tests. They are based on a specific variation of the PCR method, which is real-time reverse transcription PCR (RT-PCR).

Why molecular testing for COVID-19 in INVICTA?

Although the number of testing points where molecular tests for SARS-CoV-2 are carried out is constantly increasing, it is worth to choose an experienced and proven centre. At the INVICTA Laboratory, we conduct RT-PCR tests with exceptional attention to process safety, quality and reliability of the results. Here are 5 reasons to take molecular tests for COVID-19 at our clinic:

  1. We’re all about safety. At INVICTA, we have developed our testing kit, which inactivates the virus in the tube and at the same time preserves its RNA. This allows us to safely take a swab from the patient’s throat and nose.


  1. We carry out a detailed material quality control.
    We eliminate the risk of false negative results – in our Laboratory we check the quality of the taken sample. The monitoring includes, among other things, the control of the presence of human DNA, thus verifying that the material has been correctly collected (if this has not happened, we direct patients to retake the test).


  1. The diagnostic process is fully controlled. We check that the RNA isolation process has taken place in the correct way. We do this by using the RNA determination in the sample.


  1. Exceptional sensitivity of the molecular test for COVID-19. Molecular tests for COVID-19 in INVICTA allow detection of up to two copies of the virus in the sample. We analyse two locations in the genome specific to SARS CoV-2.


  1. The reliability of the RT-PCR test result has been confirmed by external institutions. Our Laboratory takes part in international quality controls for COVID-19 testing centers. The results of our tests have been confirmed by recognized organizations, including the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH), and the tests have the international CE IVD certification.

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